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**Important Notice**

Effective January 1, 2024 - panels will not be allowed all FOESA Campgrounds for the 2024 year. Please read the attached letter from Alberta Forestry and Parks.

Note:  At our 2022 AGM it was voted amongst members that panels were to be banned in our campgrounds, BUT due to the campgrounds listed below in the letter being owned by the Province of Alberta, we could not change their rules/regulations. This letter now states otherwise - there is to be NO use of temporary panels in any FOESA Campground for the 2024 year.

We are working alongside Alberta Forestry and Parks to find viable sites for permanent panelling. We know this has been an ongoing endeavour but we are doing our best to look out for our members as a whole. Thank you for bearing with us.



In February 1994, Friends of the Eastern Slopes Association was incorporated as a not-for-profit society.  The group took on as their first project the Bighorn Campground located on the Parks Canada Ya Ha Tinda Ranch.  They negotiated with Parks Canada to take over as the stewards of the campground.  Over the intervening years, through positive, proactive volunteer efforts, Friends of the Eastern Slopes Association:

    • Has grown and consistently maintains a membership of over 2700 members/families
    • Have an on-going agreement with Parks Canada for the Bighorn Campground area
    • Were entrusted by Alberta Sustainable Resource Development and the Bighorn Backcountry Committee with the stewardship of the Hummingbird, Eagle Creek and Cutoff Forest Recreation areas
    • Were entrusted by Alberta Parks with the stewardship of Peppers Lake, Elk Creek Campground, Elk Creek Fish Pond, James Wilson, Cartier Creek, Deer Creek, Red Deer River North & South, Red Deer River Group Camping, and Wild Horse campgrounds.
    • Have made a real reduction in regards to the impact on the environment from recreational horse users 


Friends of the Eastern Slopes would like to thank WEST FRASER MILLS for their financial support which has given us the opportunity to do the many upgrades and expansions at our campgrounds.

Their commitment to our forests make this all possible

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